About us.


Silver Street Tattoos is a family run studio situated in Ottery Saint Mary, East Devon. We cater to people from all walks of life, from the heavily tattooed to the ink virgins. We aim to make everyone feel comfortable (and supply them with their hot beverage of choice in good time!)

Stewart, the head artist and head bear, specialises in custom and freehand tattoos of all styles. He has a taste for geometric work and fine black detail but also likes to shake things up with some old school colour work. He also has a flair for delicate flower work and elegant freehand. He firmly believes in trying new styles – so if you have an idea, he is always up for a chat about it. With 12 years experience behind his belt there isn’t a lot he hasn’t seen or heard! Although he appears growly, Stew will always do his best to make sure people are happy and comfortable, and is incredibly patient with nervous customers. He is also a highly experienced body piercer, specialising in exotic piercings and microdermal work.

Erich & Lia are our fabulous apprentices. They are both currently in training and are learning more about the industry and the craft every day. They have a large hand in the day to day running of the studio, so it will be them that you will probably speak to first! They are both brilliant artists in their own right, and we are looking forward to seeing them progress over the next year. They are also heavily involved in the creative process for custom designs, and will always be happy to help you figure out your tattoo idea.

Emily is Stewart’s partner of 18 years, and until recently was heavily involved in day to day running of the studio. In fact, she is pretty much the keystone of our little family. She has over 20 years of art experience, and there isn’t a lot she can’t draw. At the moment however, she is concentrating on home educating her spawn (a noble cause). Although that’s the case, she can still be found checking in on the studio, ensuring that Stewart is not bullying the apprentices too much and will almost definitely be drawing new designs behind the scenes. Emily is also a highly experienced body piercer so on days when Stewart is busy, you may also have her poke holes in you.

Chloe is our resident body piercer. She has been piercing for over 8 years, having successfully nagged Stewart for training as a teenager, and runs the shop on Mondays. She is experienced in all types of piercing, including microdermal implants, and has recently become quite the expert on handling kids first ear piercings (which she loves doing). She is committed to ensuring the ongoing care of every piercing she does and is always happy to offer advice.